My third trip with Crosspoint of India

Why India, people ask. Why not, I say. Then people say, 'but it is so far' or 'I would be so afraid'. When God calls, no distance is too far and I have NEVER been afraid. My first interest in India was because of my friends who serve there. I was interested to see what [...]

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Assets for the Kingdom

We are dreamers. We have been dreaming for nearly 20 years. God blessed us with a piece of land 16 years ago. We were in Gainesville, FL speaking at a new place when a woman who heard us share that night asked us what our plans were for the next day. We were driving back [...]

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Our biggest harvest yet

This past week we experienced some very exciting milestones in Crosspoint of India. I am forcing myself to not share more than one exciting event per post. If you don't want to miss the next exciting post than go ahead and subscribe to the blog while you are here. In 2017 we began something new [...]

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Changing an entire village through education

You have probably heard of the brave Malala Yousafzai- the young advocate from Pakistan who continues to make enormous strides for education in the East.“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world,” she says. Crosspoint’s public school is a manifestation of this same mentality- every child deserves the chance to be [...]

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Ministry Campus Progress

I first visited the land two years ago. All of the exterior walls were standing, protecting the land from travelling nomads. One well was under construction- only a few feet down and nowhere near abundant water. My team and I prayer walked for hours, praising the Lord for the labourers who came before us and [...]

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A place where spiritual and physical healing meet

We are beginning a series of blog posts that were written by one of our recent interns- Asheton from SC. She is also the fabulous photographer and owner of these images. If you love hearing her perspective leave us a comment and subscribe to our blog to receive notices about her view of the work [...]

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Giving up too soon?

It's been 5 years since Vilesh and Anu moved into their new home. They sold land in the city and purchased a small plot of land to build a home on the outskirts of our district. The first monsoon season they lived in their new home they were devastated when a flash flood nearly took [...]

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We are going deeper

Yesterday our partnering organization in India had two board meetings back to back; The Executive Board of Directors and our General Board of Directors. It is always an intense time as we pray about the direction of our ministry as well as what God is asking us to accomplish, or hold off on, for another [...]

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The response to tragedy

This Sunday morning we prepared to go to church and worship, take a nap and enjoy our Sabbath day of rest. As we worshipped Anu came in the church and sat down. We were surprised to see her since her family had moved a good hour away to start a church plant. We are always [...]

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