Training Indigenous Leaders

For nearly 20 years now our Training Center has trained men and women each year to return into the harvest field of India. Nearly 450 graduates are working in over 8 states of India.They are doing everything from planting seeds in villages to having their own training centers and training others to share the good news.

Students are not only prepared for planting, but we train them in how to support themselves as well. We do not financially support our field workers when they graduate. Instead, we encourage them to support themselves through small scale industries. We provide the training along with their studies. These include candle making, soap making, marketing and selling their items, purse and textile crafts and much more.

The young women are trained at our sewing school. The purpose of the school is to train the young women in a trade they will use, at home, for their family, or as a business. They also learn how to make items through The White Peacock. The men are trained and educated in farming and agriculture as well.