Campus Development

God has provided 24 acres of land for our ministry in a supernatural way. Since purchasing the land we have been constantly working on our future ministry home.

Our ministry campus will be the home to our entire ministry. Our campus will include:

  • Public School
  • Community clinic/ hospital
  • Training Center
  • Orphanage
  • Administrative Offices
  • Staff & Volunteer Housing
  • Multi-Purpose Community Hall

Because of the generosity of people all over the world, we have been able to prepare the land for construction.

We have:

  • Hand dug two open wells for construction and agriculture and drilled 3 bore wells
  • Built a compound wall around the entire 24 acres
  • Leveled the land and marked the building areas
  • Marked roads and planted trees along the borders
  • Planted Date palms, orange, lemon, pomegranate and chikku trees for agriculture demonstration projects
  • Designed all maps for construction
  • Received an electric connection
  • Installed a sewer system
  • Planted crops each year to be used in the ministry
  • Began a public school in the area in 2014
  • Employ 15 men to work the farm daily
  • Have cattle, chickens, goats and rabbits on the farm
  • Constructed the first dorm facility in 2019

Our next step is to build homes for the children. A total of $320,000 is needed to simultaneously build the 8 buildings necessary to relocate to the ministry campus. Presently, one dorm has been completed.

In order to do all of this we need you to partner with us in prayer and financial support. The Lord has already provided the land for our future home, but we need your help to make this vision a reality. This is just the beginning!

100% of your designated donation is given towards Campus Development. Thank you for your partnership and for standing with us in faith. For more information on the dorms, layout of the land or financial updates please contact us.