Caring for the Fatherless

Lighthouse Children’s Home takes in children who have been permanently separated from their parents due to death or abandonment, and provides those children with care on a full-time, long-term basis.  Our objective is to help these children develop into productive members of their communities through education, vocational training, discipleship, and the development of other life skills.

We want to break the cycle of poverty by equipping the children to support themselves and their future families. When the children arrive to the home, many of them have been out of school for at least a year. We provide tutors and help them to catch up so they can graduate from high school at a reasonable age.

Most of all we want to see the children filled with Light and find a hope for their future. This requires much love and attention to the children who have been abused in every way. They need a place to call their own and a family that loves them. LCH provides this for the children and you can see a tremendous difference in as little as a week after arrival. Children who had no personality and could not smile upon arrival, find joy and love at the home from brothers, sisters, a father and a mother. It is an amazing transformation only He can do!

The vision of LCH is to one day raise, love and care for 1,000 of India’s 26 million orphaned and abandoned children!
The home has been temporary closed. We continue to care and educate many of our children through support received for the orphanage. Though our circumstances have certainly changed, our vision remains the same. We continue to strategize about how we can be a part of the children’s lives while not having them under our roof. If you have questions about a specific child you can contact us for more information.