Our Mission

We are more than a non-profit. We are a team of people that are passionate about orphans, widows, India and the world.

Crosspoint of India is a 501(c)3 organization in the USA and we partner with a non-profit in India that runs the ministry. Our founders work on the ground in India while volunteers run our offices in the USA. Because of the generosity and commitments of volunteers we are able to send 100% of all donations directly to India, taking no administrative costs out of your giving.

We have committed our lives to reaching India with the gospel, carrying the vision God has given, and preparing to pass the torch when God commands.

India has over 1billion people who need the gospel. Will you partner with us?

50 years…

When we began our active ministry in 2000 God gave us a vision. A 50 year vision. Here is what we are watching God accomplish before 2050.


Our vision is to care for 1,000 of India’s 26 million orphaned and abandoned children.


Our vision is to plant a fellowship for every 1,000 people in our city of 3.5 million. That is 3,500 home churches.

Leader Training

Each year we will train a minimum of 25 future leaders in our training school. They will be involved in the work first hand, and sent out to unreached areas to continue the work of planting in the world’s most unplanted, hard soil.


Our vision is to transform our communities is through families. We believe the greatest way to show our God is through our love. We choose to live in close community with the people we live among. We assist our neighbors when they need our help, invite them for meals and celebrations and spend time with the people we live with.

His Story in Our lives

In 1996 God began to move in the heart of one man. He wrote down a vision and registered an organization in India. Because he had no resources he was never able to move forward in his vision and worked for another ministry until 2000.

In 2000 his son married and moved back to his hometown to start a ministry….in the organization his Father had started 4 years before. Within a week of moving back home his son started a training center for church planters in his home. That year there were just 4 students. Many people laughed at their humble beginnings and his Father quit his job to join the ministry. Life was difficult as they had just one supporter and lots of financial needs. But God was faithful.

In 2001 they were struggling to find a church in languages that their students could understand. God pressed it upon their heart that it was time to start a church. In the summer, when classes were out, they had their first service and called many people. 1 showed up- his wife! He preached that whole sermon for her. God again blessed their faithfulness. Within a few months several new families, who had never gone to a church before, joined them.

In 2002 God gave them the desires of their hearts. They went out of town for a wedding and came home with an orphan. Within a year they had 4 boys that they were raising in their home. At this point they had an orphanage, training center and church- in their home!

A lot has happened since 2000 and God has faithfully brought them through many things. This family continues to work together as a team that runs the ministry that has now outgrown their home and has moved into it’s own facilities! In this team of 4 God has given them a nurse, agriculturist, administrator and Pastor. The best teams are the ones God puts together.

There are over 30 people on staff in India that care for the orphans, teach in the Training Center, work in administration, cook, drive kids to school, help with homework, provide first-aid and a million other tasks. It is a team that makes it all work. Will you join our team?

Sharing our belief

We believe each person is created by God with purpose. (Jeremiah 1:5)

We believe it is our duty as Believers to carry the gospel with us wherever we go. (Romans 10:14-15)

We believe we should be ready at any time to share of our salvation. (1 Peter 3:15)

We believe in investing in others’ lives and training them to do the same. (Hebrews 12:11)

We believe in helping our friends and neighbors when they are in need. (James 2:15-17)

We believe we serve a Mighty God. (Psalms 62:7)

To know more specifics on our doctrine (yes, we do have one!), please email our office: dclewis@crosspointofindia.org