A new generation receives education through our Public School

We began a public school in 2014 in a village that did not previously have one.

We now have classes for Nursery Class (3 year olds), KG1 (4 years old) and KG2 (5 year olds).

The school provides education to the children who live in the local village. Most of the families are farmers or shepherds and are illiterate themselves. Their children have an opportunity that they never had and they are eager for them to learn.

The school is in the local language, however English is a subject they are taught in school. They will also learn how to read and write and sing songs in English.

Our desire is to use the school as a platform to connect with families in the community. We have quarterly Parent Meetings to share with the parents what their kids are learning since many of them are unable to help their children with their homework! In these meetings we learn about other issues and problems in their homes that may also affect learning for the children. (some of the children are required to take off of school for harvest time, etc.)

We also have community wide education classes for the adults and teach about health related issues, sanitation, immunizations and other public awareness programs. In this way, we can educate a new generation and help inform a past generation all at the same time. We are hopeful we will better the lives of the children and the community through this activity.

Presently the budget for the school is $9000 a year for 30 students.